Karma Charity of the Month

A big part of Moksha Yoga means taking your practice off the mat. Our studio supports a number of important organizations making a BIG difference in our communities through Karma Class funds and studio events.

January Charity of the Month

This is Bonnie. She is a loving wife and mother of 2 little girls, an incredible Moksha yoga teacher, a life long student of all things about the human body, a healer who gives more than she receives, a loyal friend, and an all around amazing woman.

Bonnie has been quietly battling stage 2 breast cancer for the last 1.5 years and recently found out that the cancer has spread to her spine and is now stage 4. She has been told that there isn’t much that they can do for her in Canada and that she will need to travel to another part of the world to receive alternative treatments. This recent news has been a shock to everyone especially because Bonnie was getting better. She is also so young (only 38 years old!) and has a lot of life left to live.

At the moment Bonnie doesn’t know where she will be going as she is currently discussing options with her MD and family. Right now it seems like Germany might be where she will be headed. When the cancer spread it fractured her spine so she is currently in a full body brace and wheel chair and cannot travel until she is more stable. The cost for her treatment, travel and accommodations will be somewhere around $200,000 but they haven’t received the exact amount from Bonnie yet.