Teri-Dawn Milne

Hello my name is Teri-Dawn I am a free spirit, nature loving, creative flower-child and henna artist. I am happily married to my first love and HS sweetheart, and together we raise four beautiful miracles…a boy, a girl and a sweet set of boy/girl twins.  Barre came into my life at the most divine time. All four of my precious kiddos were in school full time and I wasn’t dependent on a large, loud gym where a babysitting option was a must.  I was looking for a great physical method of exercise that was gentle on my joints and calming to my spirit.   After my trial membership at Sculpt Barre, I fell head over heals in love with this fun, high energetic class that left me stretched, revitalized and refreshed! I so loved channeling my inner ballerina and how it left me feeling…kinda like I could just sail right out of those studio doors and conquer my day ahead! After about a year as a regular devoted client, practicing about 5 days/week, the owner and founder Nikki Smith recruited me to come aboard the sculpt tribe as an instructor. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I have never looked back!  I love watching the progress of my clients and sharing my passion of this joy-filled, three part harmony of ballet, Pilates & yoga!

Yoga…ahh yoga… another one of my life’s passions! I discovered Yin Yoga and was marveled at what the practice did in my life! I was able to push the hectic outside away, (the”Yang” of my life), the beautiful whirlwind of being a mama to four healthy and very active kids, and for 75-90 minutes, I was able to soak up the peace that came when I quietened my spirit to relax into the passive, long held poses of glorious Yin.  I noticed that when I practiced Yin, I was a much happier and calmer person. I loved how relaxed it left me feeling, and how stretched out my muscles were. I was so blown away at the difference Yin made in my life, my strength increased both outwardly and inwardly. I just had to educate myself further, so that I could shine out the brilliant Yin light with the world.  I truly believe that every single person would benefit from this mindful Yoga practice, to enhance their physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Moksha Yoga Sherwood Park is my favourite studio to work at…it really is so much more than a super-beautiful & relaxing atmosphere … my loving co-workers, and kindhearted clients are some of the most inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting souls, and I like to think of them as my beloved Moksha family, and the glorious studio as my second home. My goal as an instructor is to shine out my pure, genuine, loving Barre and Yoga light & make everybody else at Moksha feel the same.