Natalie Lewis

What an incredible thing we can do for ourselves and indirectly each other, right!? As my fellow Moksha teachers will tell you, one of our teachers, Ted, sometimes says things like “yoga is sneaky”. Isn’t it though? Who has ever left their mat or their class regretting having carved out that time spent or mad they went. No one ever, what’s super cool is the subtlety in it.
My journey. Hmmm. I was an athletically inclined kid, but grew up in a household without extras like organised sports. That said, it was mostly in the 80s when the tube was king. I’d get the movement my body craved by sliding into my Adidas knockoff tracksuit or stirrups and hunkering down in front of “Yoga Fits In” with Gerda Krebs and her cat. I got into my twenties, life got crazy, & yoga seemed to get parked. Temporarily. Fast forward to crumbling marriage, failing health and general misery. Where do I turn? Where else – Rodney Yee videos obviously! Fun. So these were DVD in the mid 2000s and took no time to get too scratched to play. I was forced to at last leave my TV. I took my own little yoga safari around Edmonton and enjoyed most of what I tried but a lot of communities felt inaccessible and already pretty tight. Then, queue the angelic ‘Ahhhhh’,  I found Moksha. “What a weird place” I thought at first, “it’s so freakin’ hot! Why is it so hot & wet in here?” But somehow I made it through the first class, got in my car, lit my smoke and cruised across the street to McDonalds. You know what? I had this undeniable urge to go back the next day. And again. I think I went six times in my beginner week. I signed up for the year. Within a month, I quit smoking. This was in 2008. Since around late 2009, 2010 I’ve been trying to get to teacher training but the timing was never quite right until 2014 when I took a leave and went to Montreal.
My primary teachers there, Jess, Ted & Dina T., parted ways with their knowledge, experience, love, humour and kindness. Such a rad experience I was privileged to be a part of. with I’m crazy in love with Moksha – it’s just so thoughtfully composed to embody the truest elements YOGA should, regardless of the name over the door.
Since Moksha, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other teachers and practices. Joe Barnett is a sage man as well as a babe. He was the key to diving deep into the practice of Yin, it was with him I took Avanced Yin.  Mandy Trapp is also so sweet, soulful and through her I’ve obtained certification in teaching meditation. Each of these practices don’t so much stand independent of each other but weave this thickening thread that composes something greater, more fortified that I am sincerely in love with.
See you all on, or off the mat.