Kristi Rokosh

“What the heck is yoga?”, I would ask myself every time I drove past my neighbourhood yoga studio while living in Edmonton.  You see, I grew up in a small town where yoga was not an option, let alone even in our vocabularies.  I made do with playing competitive sports; that was my only choice.  It wasn’t until well after completing my science –based university degree and working in a very Type A, “prove yourself to others” healthcare environment, I realized I needed something different.  So one day, instead of driving past the yoga studio, I went in.  And did some yoga.  And I didn’t really like it at first.  There was a lot of “breathing” and “stretching”.  That wasn’t what I had signed up for but I stuck it out.  My uncertainty changed into toleration; that toleration changed into liking; that liking changed into a deep love.  I knew I had to share yoga with others.

I finished my 200 Hr. Hatha/Ashtanga certification at the end of 2009 and quickly found some teaching opportunities.  Not too long after that, I was asked to teach a prenatal yoga class.  Talk about pressure!  I knew enough from my 200 Hr. certification to know that I really knew nothing about teaching prenatal yoga.  Thank goodness I had found a brand new (at the time) 85Hr. Prenatal and Postnatal certification; this certification gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to dive right into my new career as a prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor.    And I haven’t looked back since!

My life truly has been enriched by living and teaching yoga.  I value the moments I get to spend with each and every student I teach, as it is a chance for me to reflect on, grow, and evolve my instruction.  I also am blessed with my own personal experience into motherhood; I’d had many amazing moments and some heartbreaking challenges.  This has given me authenticity, empathy and “realness” when it comes to serving my prenatal and postnatal yoga students.  It also has allowed me to find myself.

200Hr. Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Certification

Specialization: 85 Hr. Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Certification, 200 Hr. Prenatal/Postnatal/Fertility yoga Diploma (completion July 2018)

Other Training/Teaching Experience: Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Nidra, Meditation (adults, prenatal, kids), Kids and Teen yoga, Yoga for Grief Transformation, Yin (Level I and II), Gentle/Chair/Restorative