Jaclyn Faulkner

My journey to the barre was something I felt truly meant to be.  After 20 years of Ukrainian dancing, I retired and started a family with my Husband.  Missing the strength and flexibility I had for most of my life, I wanted to do something more after having my second daughter.  Not being a runner or a gym person, I was incredibly excited to discover Sculpt Barre.  As a dancer, I always loved the warm-up, technique and discipline involved in ballet.  Walking into the Sculpt studio and placing my hands on that barre truly felt like a homecoming.  I was so thankful that the opportunity to instruct came to me in the summer of 2015.  Staying active in life is vital, and I take pride in showing my children how to be strong and take care of yourself.  I can hardly wait to share the Sculpt Barre experience with everyone at Moksha.