Chris B

Chris Hodsman

I grew up the youngest of 8 children during the tumultuous 60’s and the “back to nature” 70’s. Older siblings came home sharing experiences of altered states of consciousness, new religious and spiritual explorations, transcendental meditation and various gurus. In the midst of all that, my young mind became aware of a wide world often called “yoga”. In 1991 I took my first formal yoga class (Kripalu style) in London ON and practiced much of what I learned on my own. In 1999, an onset of serious back pain provided me with a (not so welcome) opportunity to explore the deeper and more subtle underlying issues in my own anatomy and the mind/body relationship. My yoga practice was revived and expanded here to assist my recovery. From there I moved into cycling, running, and triathlons. Regular group asana practice started at a studio in 2005. I owe much to some excellent teachers there who not only helped me develop my asana practice but also helped me rediscover the path to inner peace and joy through the body and breath. In 2008 I was certified as a Hatha yoga teacher and trained also to teach Ashtanga yoga. In 2009 I was certified to teach Yin yoga, and obtained level II Yin certification in 2010. I also have been trained in teaching yoga to children.

Over the last 4 years I have created and taught a stretch class specifically for men as well as a yoga class specifically for runners. I also teach family yoga (ages 4 -80), Yin/Yang yoga and have taught yoga and meditation.

In every practice and style I lead it is my greatest hope that the students find that still point in the center of the practice where body, breath and mind unify and the spirit is ignited.

Esteemed teachers with whom I have studied and who have influenced my practice: ASHTANGA Yoga: – Doug Swenson, Gillian Guerts, Jill Gaumont, Fiona Stang, Michael Stone TRADITIONAL HATHA Yoga: – Jill Gaumont, Glenda Sartore, Joan Randolf, Chris Erdman Boyko YIN Yoga – Marla Ericksen.