Ashley Hudson

When it was announced that sculpt barre and moksha yoga were joining forces I was ecstatic! My two favourite “me” things joining forces, I just had to be a part of it. Both the sculpt and moksha families welcomed me with open arms.

I attended my first sculpt barre class in 2013 and  was instantly addicted! THIS was the perfect workout for me! The barre tenders were extremely motivating and I quickly started seeing the results I was seeking. In late 2014, I started attending classes more regularly to prepare for my beach wedding in 2015.  I loved the way my body was shaping, I looked strong without the bulk.  I believe in the sculpt method and want to share it with everyone! I brought all my friends to class and was constantly telling everyone about this amazing workout.

My first yoga class was at Moksha yoga Sherwood Park in 2011.  I was going through a difficult time in my life and was having a hard time finding “me”. That first time I left the hot room, I felt sooooooo good and knew that my life was forever changed! Yoga helped me let go of the past.  I started appreciating the little things that I took for granted before.  Yoga helps keep me centred and focused.  Whenever I start to feel chaos in my life, I hit that mat and my flow returns.